How we are different

In the past, spine patients were told that their solutions were limited to numerous medical scans; major, open-back surgeries; long-term pain medications and months of physical therapy. As pioneers in interventional spine care, the success of SpineCare Consultants is directly tied to the fellowship training and years of experience of our physicians and staff.


Least Invasive Treatment Possible

By providing interventional spine care, it is our intent to help define proactive, patient focused care and maintain a patient’s optimum wellness. We take a very different approach to treating pain compared with other practices. We do not focus on “masking” your pain or teaching you how to live with your pain; instead, our focus is diagnosing the specific source of your pain and treating that cause with the least invasive procedure possible. For example, we use a radio frequency probe that eliminates certain types of back pain for years.


Customized Treatments

At SpineCare Consultants, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. We perform a comprehensive list of spine procedures individually tailored to the patient’s needs. Our spine specialists will accurately diagnose the precise source of your pain and develop a customized treatment plan for you, using the most advanced and least invasive procedures available.


Easier On Our Patients

Compared with traditional open-back or open-neck surgery, our minimally invasive procedures provide significant advantages for our patients including less pain, less trauma, less recovery time, less muscle damage, less scarring and less bleeding.

Depending upon the specific diagnosis, most of our patients require only an outpatient procedure and are able to go back to work and perform normal activities much sooner.

Read Success Stories

"I have had back problems my whole life. After 3 failed surgeries, I could hardly walk. Then I went to SpineCare Consultants and one simple procedure took away all my pain."

Explore Pain Mapping

Innovative and effective, our Pain Mapping techniques are designed to pinpoint the exact source of your pain.

Meet the Doctors

Our team is composed of some of the best in the business, with fellowship-trained spine surgeons and interventional spine specialists with over 20 years of experience.